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Tips on how to help your child/adolescent learn at Home

TIPS to help your Child learn at Home

Transitioning from School-based learning to Distance-learning may require parental support.  Here are tips on how you can help your children during the shelter in place. 

by Maritza Tamayo-Sarver


Daily Schedule and Weekly Planner Templates

Daily Schedule Templates

Here is an example of one typed out with expectations.

Example of Daily Schedule (pdf)

Click here to download template:

For Young Children (word)

For Young Children (pdf)

For Adolescents (word)

For Adolescents (pdf)


Talking to Younger Kids about COVID-19?

Here are some materials that can be used when discussing the Coronavirus with kids:

Younger Kids

COVID-19 online book and feelings resource (pdf)

PBS Kids - How to Talk to Your Kids (website) 


Weekly School Planner

Click here to download:

Weekly Planner (pdf)

Use this planner to set out daily zoom classes, and main due dates for assignments.

Many kids are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information through online platforms, and emails coming from teachers.  Sit with your student and use this to simplify all this information.

Here is an example of what it may look like.


Talking to Older Kids about COVID-19?

Here is a comic and an animated video that can be used with older kids:  


A comic exploring the virus.  There is also a 3-minute NPR podcast on how to talk to kids (via website)

Animated video

For Parents: 
Listen to this 13-minutes NPR audio  They talk about how to speak with kids and reassure them, school closures are complicated, be creative maintining social groups for kids, screen time options and creative ideas.   
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