We're Hiring!

Seeking Part-Time Licensed Clinicians

Talk-a-While, Child and Family Therapy Center PC is a private therapy group practice where we strive to enable licensed therapists to deliver high-quality therapy in a dynamic group setting.  We believe that therapists provide the best care for clients when they can work in a supportive, nurturing, and enriching environment that allows the therapist to focus on clinical excellence.  We created a practice where our Talk-a-While support team is responsible for the advertising, marketing, referral generation, billing, office space, legal, compliance, regulatory issues, malpractice, and the majority of clients’ scheduling needs.  We just need great therapists who are excited to focus on what they do best: deliver great therapy.


Our Center’s mission is to help families develop relational resiliency and healthy family dynamics by providing therapy to children, individuals, and families.  Because we often work with children, we also provide critical therapy with parents to focus on parenting concerns and issues. 


Position: Part-time Licensed Therapist (employee position)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Licensed clinician in CA for at least two years and in good standing with the BBS

  • Passionate and motivated about providing therapy to a wide range of clients, including young children ages 2-11, pre-teens/adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  Some opportunities to lead group therapy sessions on a topic about which you are passionate.

  • Experience working with clients, especially children and adolescents, with diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, parent-child conflicts, etc

  • Mastery in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems modalities

  • Required commitment of at least 15 - 20 clinical hours and 1-2 admin/collaborative hours for case consultation and professional networking.  Caseloads may start small and will grow over time.

  • Collaborative team member and openness to work with other Talk-a-While therapists and be supervised by the Director of Clinical Services

  • Available to work afternoons/evenings/weekends

  • Must not work in private practice


Professional Responsibilities:

  • Conduct comprehensive intakes, assessments, and collaborate with clients to develop effective treatment goals/plans

  • Utilize DSM 5 to thoughtfully diagnose and treat clients with varying psychiatric needs and conditions

  • Provide high quality therapy and evidenced-based treatment to a wide range of clients in alignment with client needs and identified treatment goals/plans

  • Communicate regularly with parents of children receiving therapeutic services to ensure transparency in how therapy is being delivered, how goals are being approached, how clinical care is delivered, and that parents’ expectations of treatment are met

  • Coordinate care with third party providers and multidisciplinary teams (i.e. psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, school personnel) when needed

  • Manage crisis situations, when identified, and deliver appropriate crisis intervention support in accordance with state regulations and professional board standards

  • Maintain clinical notes/documentation in a timely manner and in accordance with center’s policy

  • Participate in case collaboration with the Director of Clinical Services regarding assigned cases and delivery of care

How we take care of you:

  • Highly competitive compensation (pay is based on hourly wage plus bonuses)

  • 401k with Employer matching up to 6%

  • PTO

  • Health/Dental Benefits (available at 20 clinical hours)

  • Professional, caring, and collaborative team

  • Weekly team group consultation (Fridays at 10 am)

  • Other added benefits—you take great care of your patients, we take great care of most everything else.

Interested applicants can email their cover letter, and resume to maritza@talkawhile.org.  Please also include answers to the following questions.

  1. Please describe the current clients you are working with today.  What do you enjoy most about working with them and why?

  2. Please describe what is most challenging in working with clients, and what have you done to address those challenges?

  3. What client population do you have the least experience with but are interested and motivated to work with in the future?

  4. How do you feel about building a caseload over time?

  5. When would you be available to start working?