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Providing comprehensive psychological assessments is a service that we provide at Talk-a-While by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Assessments are a way to provide testing with psychometric measures to assess if your child may suffer from a clinical mental health disorder such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Autism Spectrum Disorder traits; Depression; Anxiety; Bipolar Disorder; psychosis, etc. We also provide assessments to evaluate your child’s cognitive and academic abilities to assess whether your child may have a learning issue or could benefit from further accommodations at school or in the community.

In addition to assessment/testing, we also offer a service called Psychoeducational History Consultation where the Psychologist examines all school records and past testing results/reports and provides a recommendation on how to better support your child and/or adolescent.  

Is there any music or technology experience required?

No experience is required. All students are welcome regardless of experience.

What are the computer and equipment requirements?

✅ Computer Windows or Mac. Sorry, Chromebooks will not work for these classes. ✅ Ableton Live Software Get your 90-Day Free Trial Ableton Live Software here. Student discounts are available for 40% when you're ready to purchase. Just provide the Mix Major registration email and you'll qualify for the discount. Click here for info ✅ Zoom Client for Meetings Sorry, the Chrome extension won't work for these classes. Get the Zoom software here. ✅ Strong Internet Connection This will make sure the student experience is as smooth as possible. If you're on vacation, and your kid is taking classes, just make sure you've got a good connection. ✅ Microphone We definitely need your microphone to work during class, so please make sure you have a working mic. Your computer's built-in mic will work just fine. ✅ Web Camera To make this virtual class feel as "in-person" as possible, all students are required to have cameras and keep them turned on during class. Optional, but Preferred ✅ Headphones (Optional) Headphones will provide the best sound quality experience. If you don't have these, it's ok, just use your computer speakers. Recommendations Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphone, Black, 1 (HD25)
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
✅ MIDI Keyboard (Optional) These aren't required because you can create everything you need without one. While this is a good starting point for most students, many students will eventually prefer to use a MIDI keyboard when they get more experience. Recommendations Novation Launchkey Mini
Novation Launchkey 37 mk3
Novation Launchkey 49 mk3

Amazon will pay us a small affiliate commission if you buy using those links (no additional cost to you).

My kid already spends too much time on screens. Should I be concerned about more screen time?

This isn’t a passive activity, like watching tv, playing video games, or surfing social media. Music production is a fun and creative active screen activity that teaches you about music, technology, and problem-solving. I’d say that’s an example of extremely useful “screen” time.

My kid has tried so many music activities, but never liked any of them.  How are your programs any different?

Our programs are not like traditional music programs. Most traditional music programs focus on one thing: performance. The goal is to learn a piece of music and perform it, not create it. Through Music Production, your kid will be able to imagine their music, create it, and share it, regardless of their ability or desire to perform. Let your child create music...with no pressure of performance...and we’re sure they’ll enjoy it!

My kid is really shy and won’t enjoy being in a group class on Zoom.  He hated it during Covid remote learning.

Being shy is a natural thing for many kids. That’s why your instructor will always make your kid feel included and comfortable during every class. Your kid can always directly message the instructor with any questions during a group lesson, if they’re worried about asking in front of the class. And during 1-on-1 time, your kid will always feel at ease with our instructors.

I don’t know if my kid will enjoy it and keep up with it.

Your kid can try it for just $7. For the cost of two happy meals, you’ll give your kid a chance to discover a new talent and passion.

Psychological Assessment

What is a Psychoeducational History Consultation?

Many parents are uncertain about what psychoeducational test results mean and what to do if their child has a Student Success Team (SST), 504 or comparable accommodation plan, or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

You may even suspect your child needs additional school support or additional psychoeducational testing to rule out other causes for academic/learning and emotional challenges at school but aren’t sure how to best present this suspicion to school personnel.

We provide Psychoeducational History Consultations to provide guidance and support in better understanding your child's historical record and testing results, and provide recommendations on what are the next steps.

How will I benefit from a Psychoeducational History Consultation?

The goals of a Psychoeducational History Consultation are to:

  • help you better understand your child’s/adolescent’s educational history testing results;
  • help you and any current or future treatment providers better understand your child’s challenges and strengths;
  • provide guidance in what further testing may be appropriate;
  • assist in possible therapy or treatment recommendations;
  • ensure your family can discuss the specific needs/challenges of your child during school-related meetings.

What does the Psychoeducational History Consultation process look like?

  1. a review of all school reports including psychoeducational evaluations, IEPs, SSTs, 504 plans, or relevant past records;

  2. a review of past report cards from teachers or special education teams;

  3. a review of any past medical, cognitive, or clinical reports that pertain to medical or other clinical conditions that may be affecting your child’s learning

​​Once all the information is gathered, reviewed, and interpreted, our psychologist will provide a report of their findings and recommendations. The report is designed to provide you with: (1) clarity around your child’s educational history, challenges, and strengths, and (2) clear recommendations for academic supports, medical or therapeutic services, and other interventions that may aid your child at home, at school, and in the community.

What is the cost of a Psychoeducational History Consultation?

The cost may vary depending on the complexity and number of documents reviewed and assessed; however, it generally ranges from 2 to 5 hours. The hourly rate for this service is currently $250.00.

Why would this consultation be helpful for me outside of what my school has already provided me?

While schools provide assessments/testing for students, parents often struggle in understanding the details of the testing results. There are also certain limitations that come with school testing that can delay the identification of additional challenges a child/adolescent may be facing but hasn't been identified.

Some limitations can include:

  • Some school assessors may have master’s degrees and are limited on certain measures they can use which may limit the type of testing conducted, and what is ultimately found;
  • Schools can screen for ADHD or ASD but they can not diagnose clinical disorders, so often the need for additional psychological testing may get lost in translation to parents. For example, school testing reports may contain language that refer to ADHD or Autism traits but it does not provide a formal diagnosis, which then leaves parents to not follow up on seeking a formal screening/diagnosis of these diagnoses
  • Schools are not able to identify severe autism, mood disorders, or psychosis disorders in students that have been deemed as having Emotional Disturbance and are placed in special day classes, which prevents these students from receiving appropriate therapeutic support without a formal diagnosis(es).

We believe consulting with a psychologist (outside of school) who understands assessment measures, testing results, and can identify other clinical disorders that may be affecting a child's/adolescent's learning/behavior is a critical tool for parents to utilize. We created this service line after hearing from parents that this is a needed service that isn't readily available.

Psychoeducational history consultation