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Psychological Assessments


Psychoeducational History Consultations

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Providing comprehensive psychological assessments is a service that we provide at Talk-a-While by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Assessments are a way to provide testing with psychometric measures to assess if your child may suffer from a clinical mental health disorder such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Autism Spectrum Disorder traits; Depression; Anxiety; Bipolar Disorder; psychosis, etc. We also provide assessments to evaluate your child’s cognitive and academic abilities to assess whether your child may have a learning issue or could benefit from further accommodations at school or in the community.

In addition to assessment/testing, we also offer a service called Psychoeducational History Consultation where the Psychologist examines all school records and past testing results/reports and provides a recommendation on how to better support your child and/or adolescent.  

Psychological Assessment

Psychoeducational history consultation

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