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Our Therapeutic Approach: About

Strengthening Families' Resilency

A good life is not lived in isolation or in the pursuit of independent goals; a good life is lived at the heart of a thriving community, among people we trust, and within an environment of mutual respect. 


-Hugh MacKay

Our services are uniquely tailored for families that need additional support and services to grow together in strength and resiliency as life presents its everyday challenges.  We believe each family has its own specific and unique circumstances, and we address these issues in a unique way.  

We believe that the therapeutic alliance, or the relationship you have with your therapist, is key to successful treatment outcomes.  The first step towards this positive relationship comes from a personal desire for growth and change.  The patient-therapist relationship is built upon the confidential, nonjudgmental, and supportive engagement you will have with your therapist.  Our therapists' listen to understand your personal goals and wants, frustrations and darkest thoughts.  They do all this within the safe space of your Talk-a-While session.  The collaborative relationship between you and your therapist is key to spur change, healing, and growth. 

Our therapeutic services for each family member is based on a relational theory framework which emphasizes that our growth as individuals occurs within the growth-fostering relationships we have with other family members.  Relational awareness, or understanding how each family member operates in relation to one another in a family is important, and for families of children with special needs it is even more critical to understand these dynamics for growth.  One of the key elements to form a positive relationship is the development of mutual empathy and mutual empowerment amongst family members so that all family members develop healthier interactions. 

We are here to strengthen our community and specifically families of children with special needs with this unique therapy approach!

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