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Couples and Co-Parenting Therapy

Marriages or partnerships require constant nurturing and growth throughout our lifetime together. Working jobs, managing daily schedules, and raising children are just a few things we take on during our partnerships or marriages. Raising a child with special needs can add additional strains because it often requires more time, energy, patience, and money. Days can feel long, exhausting, frustrating; leaving little time or priority to nurturing the partnership.  Couples therapy can help you reconnect by sharing your feelings of grief, hopelessness, and disconnectedness that has evolved overtime into dysfunctional interactions.

The key to positive and effective co-parenting is having reasonable expectations, routines, and providing dedicated time and attention for all children/adolescents in the home.  Children that live with separated or divorced parents often face differing or contradictory rules, expectations, and routines which leaves the child feeling stressed due to the inconsistent environments. Working together and communicating effectively in how to raise your children is process that requires work and collaboration but can result in healthier outcomes for your child and you.  Therapy that revolves around positive parenting approaches that can create positive family dynamics.

Family Group Therapy

Family dynamics can be frustrating and a lack of harmony can create a painful cycle that feels endless.  While one family member may feel stress and grief, another may feel anger and resentment.  Families that have children with special needs can often experience conflicting feelings and have difficulty communicating them in a productive manner. At times, family members may feel hope and disillusionment, resilience and hopelessness, connection and isolation, pride and guilt, acceptance and denial.  These feelings are all valid emotions and can co-exist within a family where there is support, love, empathy, and understanding. Our therapist can explore negative perceptions, counterproductive interactions, and dive into family dynamics to help the family members come together to understand one another better and develop healthier ways of relating to one another.  

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Our therapists understand that you want the very best for your child.  Parents want their children to be healthy, self-confident and feel loved and happy. It can be heart-wrenching to watch your child struggle and it is doubly painful to feel helpless and uncertain on how to best help your child.    

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child/adolescent where they can grow, and thrive socio-emotionally. We provide therapy for the child or growing adolescent in various modalities such as play therapy, art therapy, talk therapy, mindfulness and relaxation training. 

We believe that therapy for the child/adolescent is most effective when it is done in conjunction with therapy for those caregivers that interact with the child.  We can empower parents to build their relationship with the child/adolescent to create resiliency in the child/adolescent.   

Individual Therapy

Feeling frustrated and judged by those who have no understanding of your struggles or context can take a large toll on your well-being and happiness.  The elderly woman who gives a disapproving stare when they don't realize that your child is simply different can be easily brushed off but still leaves a mark. Advice from friends and family that everything will be "ok" or unsolicited advice on how to better parent when you know that the triggers for your child change from day to day and context, can feel exhausting and burdensome.  

We offer a safe environment where you and every family member can individually share their struggles, process their feelings, and develop strength when coping with daily struggles. While individual therapy is important, we believe that the whole family and its relationships must be included eventually to help the "individual" as a whole.  

Individual therapy can help strengthen and foster positive family relationships.


Other Services


Parent Child Interaction Therapy

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an innovative approach that provides parents with the opportunity to learn, practice, and master positive parenting skills and nurturing discipline during interactions with their child. The parent(s) is coached through an ear piece in real-time by a trained professional who is observing through a one-way mirror.  This strategy is an effective and proven model of treatment that has been found to strengthen parents in reducing difficult-to-manage behaviors, as well as build social and emotional skills such as sharing, impulse control, frustration tolerance, and communication. 


This approach can be used for children ages one to approximately 8 years old, adaptation for older children may be possible.  A more in-depth discussion can be had with your therapist to determine whether this model of treatment makes sense for your family.


PCIT has been found to help children who have any of the following:

  • frequent temper tantrums

  • act defiantly &/or refuse to follow directions

  • whine &/or cry easily

  • are experiencing adjustment problems

  • constantly seek attention

  • interrupt others

  • short attention span

  • engage in power struggles with parents/caregivers

  • difficulty behaving in school, preschool, and/or daycare

  • are aggressive, who hit, throw things and express great anger


For more information about PCIT, go to https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapy-types/parent-child-interaction-therapy-pcit 

Online Therapy

We know how busy life can be and your time is extremely valuable. We understand that our families' job commitments can often make it difficult to participate in therapy, so we want to ensure access if available during work day-time work hours.  We offer online therapy, whether it is from your home or office, or child's school. 

Please be aware that it is important to establish an in-person therapeutic relationship first prior to moving into online therapy.  We can work with employers to come to your job site for these in-person sessions to facilitate the transition into online therapy.  

Collaborative Educational Planning (CEP)

Parents face many challenges as they navigate through the educational system with a child that is struggling emotionally, behaviorally, or academically.  Whether your child has a formal SST, 504 plan, or IEP or you suspect your child may need additional services at school, we provide one-on-one Collaborative Educational Planning (CEP) sessions to help families:

  • understand the process;

  • provide guidance and preparation for IEP meetings to help make the process less confusing and more productive; and

  • ensure your family is prepared to discuss the needed services for which your child qualifies for


We believe CEP sessions are critical for effective communication with school administration and teachers. The special education system can feel daunting for parents as they manage all the overwhelming paperwork, an IEP that is often filled with jargon, testing results, goals, and services relating to your child or adolescent that may be difficult to decipher.  Parents' and children's input in this process is key and requires dedicated time where the needs and challenges of the child can be discussed, digested, and described for effective communication with schools.

Our team members believe that education and advocacy strengthens the family as a whole, and ultimately benefits the child.  We extend our relational theory framework of mutual empathy and empowerment into CEP sessions because they facilitate positive collaboration with the schools who have day-to-day contact with your child. 


We offer social skills groups for children ages 4 - 10 years of age, educational seminars and other support services that help strengthen our families.​ 

Our Center's goal is to provide programs that vary in topic and scope, from supporting the child with special needs, supporting our siblings to offering educational seminars that help train caregivers and nannies who care and take care of children with special needs.

For more information on what programs we are currently offering, please click here.

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