Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

- FAQs -

Below are answers to frequently asked questions by our clients .  If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Are you accepting new families?

Yes, we are accepting new families whether they are children, adolescents, adults, or couples for therapy sessions. We have several therapists at the Talk-a-While Therapy Center and will match you with a therapist based on their specialty area and availability.

If you have a specific preference and we can’t accommodate you right away, we will put your name on our waiting list and contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available.

How much does therapy or other services cost?

Our rates vary depending on the specific services provided. Please go to Our Rates page for additional information.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy to cancel or reschedule sessions. The full fee is charged if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, including for the initial assessment session as well as regular appointments. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must notify us through email or voicemail at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. You will be expected to pay in full for any missed or canceled session that did not meet the 48-hour cancellation policy because we reserve a specific block of time for you and do not schedule anyone else at that time.

Do you accept insurance? Are you in-network? Do you enter into Single Case Agreements with insurance providers?

This practice is not part of any in-network insurance panels and does not participate in Medicare. Our practice is “out-of-network,” which means you pay for your therapy sessions after your session is completed. If you have mental health benefits that allow you to see an out-of-network therapist (often called a PPO), you may be able to receive partial reimbursement for therapy services. We find that most insurance companies reimburse our clients between 40 - 80% of the cost. It is our center's policy that we provide you a monthly superbill at the beginning of every month through your client portal which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. To learn about the differences between In-Network and Out-of-Network therapy services, and what to ask your private health insurance company, please click here. Please contact your insurance provider prior to starting sessions to determine the specifics of your coverage such as the "allowable amount", and requirements because some insurance companies require pre-approval, a valid mental health diagnosis, limit coverage by diagnosis, procedure code or number of visits, and may require that you meet a deductible before they begin to reimburse you. Talk-a-While and our staff does not enter into Single Case Agreements with health insurance companies.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes. We do accept Visa and Mastercard. Our Center will securely maintain your credit card information to bill for therapy sessions and other professional services. We also accept checks made payable to Talk-a-While, Child and Family Therapy Center PC.

How often will I have sessions?

Sessions are generally scheduled once a week. We ask all families to commit to weekly therapy for at least 2-3 months to ensure that you and your therapist are able to spend important time discussing your challenges and building the needed trust and connection.

Your therapist will collaboratively work with you to determine the frequency of sessions and may suggest more intensive therapy depending on the nature and severity of your concerns, and the type of therapeutic session. Frequency of visits may also be reduced as progress is made toward reaching goals, and graduating.

How do I contact you to set up an appointment?

Please call us to set up an appointment or ask us any questions by contacting us at 408-962-9267 or click here to set up your initial intake appointment online. We are located near the intersection of Highways 85 and 17 at: 2577 Samaritan Drive, Suite 715 San Jose, CA 95124

What makes Talk-a-While services unique?

High quality services: Our team consists of licensed and experienced therapists and psychologists. While we value the education and on-site training of interns, we do not provide any of our services through interns under supervision. All our psychotherapy and group sessions are led by licensed clinicians. Psychological testing and assessment work is also managed and completed from start to finish by a licensed psychologist.

Ease of Access: We are structured to provide comprehensive mental health services for the entire family unit at our location. Often, families seek out multiple services with various providers. For example, a family may need both individual child therapy and couple’s therapy. Typically, this family would need to obtain child therapy at one site and the couples work at a different location. At Talk-a-While, we are able to provide both services.

Specialization in Child Therapy and Special Needs: Many private practice therapists or centers do not work with young children or families that have a member with special needs. We understand the plight of these families and hire staff that can comfortably work with clients that have been formally diagnosed or show signs of ADHD, Autism, genetic disorders or conditions, and neurodevelopmental conditions, amongst others.

Professional Delivery of Service: Our therapists focus on providing services within their scope of practice and clinical expertise. While our clinicians have knowledge and understand adjunctive services like occupational therapy and speech therapy, we pride ourselves in offering the best services anywhere for the services that our within our professional scope. The patient is best served when professionals provide the care that they were trained for: mental health and social skills developed by mental health professionals, occupational skills developed by occupational therapists, and speech services provided by speech pathologists. We may find a patient needs occupational, speech, or other services and we will provide appropriate referrals to the specialized professionals that will best meet the patient's needs.