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Educational History Interpretation 

Recommendation Consultation

Parents face many challenges as they navigate through the educational system with a child that is struggling emotionally, behaviorally, or academically.  Whether your child has a formal SST, 504 plan, or IEP or you suspect your child may need additional support services at school, we provide a service that helps parents/caregivers better understand their child's challenges and what additional testing/supports their child/adolescent may need. 


Educational History Interpretation and Recommendation Consultation is a service where our Psychologist examines all school records and past testing results/reports and provides a recommendation on what may be needed today to better support your child and/or adolescent.  This consult will:

  • help you better understand your child's/adolescent's educational history testing results;

  • provide guidance in what testing may be needed today;

  • ensure your family can discuss the specific needs/challenges of your child during school-related meetings.

We believe that consulting a Psychologist (outside of a school) who understands assessment results is a critical tool that can provide helpful information for parents/caregivers to better advocate for their child/adolescent.  The special education system can often feel daunting and overwhelming, and we can help you by providing you a third-party review and report of your child/adolescent's educational history and testing.   

What is involved in an Educational History Interpretation and Recommendation Consultation?

  • a review of all school reports including IEPs, SST, 504 plans;

  • past report cards from teachers or special education support teams;

  • past psychoeducational testing reports; and

  • medical/clinicial reports that relate to medical conditions that may be affecting the learning of your child/adolescent. 

Once all the information is gathered and reviewed, our Psychologist provides a report of their findings which will discuss their educational history, their current educational challenges, if there is a need for repeat testing or additional testing that is/was raised by past testing results, or new/current challenges being seen at school/home.  

The cost and time for this type of consult varies depending on the number of documents that will be reviewed and assessed.  The hourly rate for this service is currently $250.00.   

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